Fellsway LLC
PO Box 586
Huntsville, AL  35804
Phone:  256-603-1495

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Fellsway LLC is a manufacturer's representation firm bringing together some of the best organizations in the optics industry to supply the products and services needed for the industry to keep moving forward.  Optical elements such as lenses, wave guides, diffractive optics, IR optics, thin film coatings, optical assemblies, MEMS devices, and many more can be designed, prototyped, and mass produced by the Fellsway team.   

Based in Huntsville, Alabama, Fellsway's offices are located in the northern Alabama foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, allowing staff to work in a modern city with the option of commuting from homes located in a beautiful natural setting.   Huntsville is also a national center for optics education with the Huntsville campus of the University of Alabama being home to the Center for Applied Optics.  Graduates from this program often go on to employment with one of the hundreds of military and commercial companies that have a foundation in optics and that call the Huntsville area home.  

Fellsway's member organizations are able to work together to design and develop optical prototypes as well as production scale optical components and devices.   All our customers must do is make one phone call to Fellsway and we relieve them of the burden of finding vendors for their optical components and assemblies so that our customers can concentrate on the engineering and marketing of the products themselves.  

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